How Much Should a Website Cost in 2018?

how much should a website cost


Despite all of the risen out of sudden web development trends in 2018, such as website builders, probably among the most popular questions in the industry is still the cost to build a website. And what’s more interesting, it is likely to lay unanswered for years to come, as no precise answer could be given in means of such a wide and polysemantic phenomenon of today, as a website. However, let’s try to segment and break it down.

The cost to develop a website is mostly determined by a set of factors:

  • Hosting and service needs — is there a necessity to host the website on a separate dedicated server, what kind of domain name you are looking for and is there a need in SSL security certificate?

  • The desired level of functionality — this includes the number of pages needed on a website, its response speed, performance, and a number of modules implemented.

  • Design and visuals — do you need to develop a branded logo, custom website layout, buttons and all of the design bells and whistles, or you are comfortable to go with pre-made template theme?


Surely, there are much more moments influencing the cost to build a website, such as a website maintenance, marketing, and other post-launch expenses, so, depending on what you need your website to do, you can spend from zero to few hundred thousands in order to get one. To make it clearer, it’s better to explain the costs on a scale of website types.


Small basic website

Building a website using template constructors would cost you around $50-$400 each year.

small website cost


If you are in no need of serious and deep functionality and, say, want to promote your business or services, you would be fine with a 4-10 page website with some must-have pages such as “About us”, “Services” and “Contacts” — everything else is optional. These websites don’t usually go with any specific hosting plans or top-notch domains because of their almost brochure functionality.

As for the design and development, most of the times you’d be alright with those aforementioned website builders, (like Weebly, Squarespace or Wix) allowing the user to construct their website in under an hour, simply by drag-and-dropping required modules and pages in the constructor interface, using pre-made templates and themes.

Website building platforms most of the times offer different subscription plans which include everything that requires a website to run, plus some other features on premium plans, such as more sophisticated and detailed design templates or additional functionality modules.


Small to medium business website cost

Web developers around the globe charge from $10 up to $70 per hour of work, average website cost is $600-$1.100

meduim website cost


No modern business could be imagined without a website, and most entrepreneurs would agree; and if your business is growing and scaling, your website should too. If you’re not much into dealing with technical peculiarities surrounding the website development, which is more than likely if you own and run a business, you might consider hiring someone to develop you a website, a freelancer or a web development agency.

Web development agencies most of the times offer developing tailored websites, made from scratch on a standalone CMS, usually a WordPress, which is great in means of flexibility and scalability, allowing to install a big variety of modules, increasing and modifying the website’s functionality, for example, adding eCommerce features, transforming your website into a simple store.

Plenty of offers could be found in a matter of minutes, however, everyone charges differently, freelancer or agency, local or outsourced, fixed price or time and materials — the choice is always up to you, each having its advantages. Some vendors are also capable of upgrading and polishing the website which was made using a website builder to make it work and look more solid, as well as implementing additional functionality.


Medium to large business website cost

With average web development rates, building a serious website would cost you from $1.500 up to $12.000 and more.

large website cost


If your website requires more than 20 pages, you might find yourself in need of bit more sophisticated and dedicated approach rather than what’s offered by developers usually. These situations are mostly discussed in person, so exact numbers can be more than hard to estimate.

Development of a large website requires a stable and reliable CMS that can handle big amounts of information and databases, can integrate heavyweight eCommerce modules and still works stable and fast, pledging additional expenses on development. Sometimes internet stores and websites with similar complexity level are built using content management systems like Drupal or Joomla which have proven their ability to operate with complex databases.

Hosting and maintenance expenses to uphold a complex website are also a few times bigger than for basic websites, as they rise with the amounts of data to be handled.


Bottom line

As described above, the average price to develop a website varies greatly depending on few significant factors — depending on what goals you pursue with your website, you can pay prices that differ at times, sometimes even more.

If you are just starting your business or in a need of a personal website, mind spending some time to get into the very basics of web development, usually these tasks don’t require much coding knowledge, and simple HTML knowledge is enough to develop yourself a simple website, so you won’t overspend for something that you can do yourself.

Otherwise, mind finding an appropriate web development agency to execute the task and deliver a qualitative result and a decent website for your business, so you wouldn’t need to search for all the required freelance developers and designers to pull them together, coordinate them and poke them every free minute you have.