Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated team of developers - is your personal IT department of individually selected specialists for solving your tasks. This model allows you to start working on a project effectively and quickly without worrying about recruiting, organization of offices and workplaces, as well as many other nuances arising at the beginning and during the development of business.

You get full control over your team and possibility to scale it at any time.

Such approach provides a high level of transparency, and it can significantly reduce your costs and manage your IT staff really flexibly and comfortably.

How it Works

  •  Research of project and client needs
  •  Selection and formation of team
  •  Preparing the team for work
  •  Working process

When it’s Helpful

  • You have a specific idea or business plan, and you are ready to start implementing it
  • You want to start working on your project quickly
  • You need an IT team for more than 1 month
  • You need to attract highly specialized professionals
  • You are not ready to spend time and resources for recruiting specialists and organizing workplaces for them

Advantages of Dedicated Team

Full control of the team

Your team is at your disposal. You can easily scale your work resources by adding new specialists to the team from the necessary areas for the required period of time.

You don’t need to take care of administrative and staffing activities

You don’t have to worry about the process of hiring professionals and their professional qualities. We completely assume all organizational tasks, so that you can concentrate on your business.

Fully predictable budget

You have the opportunity to fully plan your budget, and adjust it in the process of work. You receive only an invoice based on the use of time resources.

Placement of the team in our offices

Don’t worry about placement of your team. We fully provide with offices and working equipment, guaranteeing comfort and a cozy atmosphere for your team.

Ability to reduce costs up to 40%

You don’t need to pay extra costs, such as employee insurance, vacations, benefits, HR-managers, etc. Thanks to our resources you save yours.

Agile approach

Our work process is completely based on the Agile methodology, which guarantees quick response to your requirements and maximum transparency of work.

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