Fixed Project Development

A fixed project - is a complete process of developing a finished software product. This service is ideal for those customers with clear understanding of the final goal and detailed specifications for the product. A pre-approved budget and time frame is a guarantee of your product launch on time and without unpredictable risks. You don’t need to manage the team and go deeper into the development process. You can participate in this process as much as you think it’s necessary. If you need a ready-made software solution, but you don’t have time and skills to implement it - entrust its development to the specialists!

How it Works

  •  Evaluation of final goals and budget by our team
  •  Approval of requirements and terms with the client
  •  Product development and testing
  •  Transfer of the product to the customer

When it’s Helpful

  • You have a concrete understanding of the ultimate goals and functions of the product you need
  • You don’t need a constant dedicated development team
  • You want to determine the exact budget and development time in advance
  • You want to reduce the risks by relieving yourself of the responsibility to manage the whole team of developers

Benefits of Fixed Project model

Minimal risks

You don’t need to directly manage the team and the development process. You get the finished product within the agreed time.

Quick product launch

You don’t need to form a team of highly specialized professionals. Our team is ready to start development right now.

Fully predictable budget

You have the opportunity to plan the budget for the development of your product in advance.

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